There is no scientific research to suggest if CBD products are safe for cats or dogs as of yet. (2021-05-25).
Let’s look at what cat owners should consider before giving their cats CBD oil or CBD cat treats.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it’s the second most common active ingredient found in the cannabis plant.

While CBD is present in all cannabis plants, it’s primarily derived from the hemp plant.
A recent study defines it as “Cannabis sativa with a total THC less than 0.3% dry weight.
And legally, a hemp plant cannot contain more than 0.3% THC or is considered an illegal narcotic.
CBD comes from the stalks, leaves and buds, unlike hemp oil and hemp seed oil.

Is Any Researh Available For Cat CBD?

As far as I’m aware, no scientific studies are available regarding CBD in cats.
So, as is often the case, We are to decide what is best for our furry friends, and we Combined anecdotal evidence to determine if giving CBD to cats is a good idea.

Research on CBD Use in Dogs and People

Recent studies indicate that CBD can help relieve pain. Promote activity in dogs with osteoarthritis, and reduce seizure frequency in cases of severe epilepsy.

CBD helps dogs with epilepsy correlate nicely with the Food and Drug Administration. Approval of the human CBD medication Epidiolex to treat certain types of childhood epilepsy.

Other common uses of CBD for which there is at least some supportive scientific evidence.
Include inflammatory conditions like inflammatory bowel disease and asthma, anxiety, pain, and nausea.

So, Is CBD Safe for Cats?

Based on reports from veterinarians and pet parents, CBD itself appears, on the surface, to be very safe for cats.

Some people report that their pets become sleepy or develop upset tummies, particularly when given very high doses. However, the problem resolve with less quantity.

A Word of Warning About CBD for Cats

Although CBD gets good reviews from pet owners, there is one big problem with CBD in cats. An almost complete lack of regulatory oversight.

This lack of oversight has resulted in the wide availability of low-quality CBD products.

One study tested CBD products and found that many have little—if any—CBD. Or they have more CBD than is reported on the label.

Studies have also found that some CBD products contain potentially harmful contaminants.

It concerns cats because of their increased sensitivity to medications and toxins.

How to Find Safe CBD for Cats

We like to ask you to visit our affiliate website, pure cbd vapours. They offer the most excellent CBD products for cats and dogs in the market and third-party lab-tested reports on their website.

Find products that carry the Certified Seal of the U.S. Hemp Authority™ or the National Animal Supplements Council (NASC) Quality Seal. As these meet industry-imposed standards and have passed a third-party audit.

Use products for cats that contain CBD oil and benign carriers like hemp oil, coconut or MCT oil.

Talk to an experienced veterinarian. The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association provides a “Find a Vet” tool on its website if your veterinarian cannot help.


Is CBD Safe for Cats? | PetMD.

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