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What’s The Difference Between Indica And Sativa?

The world of cannabis has popped into the mainstream with ten adult-use markets. And 24 plus legal marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver, BC alone.

Cannabis is new to most users. As cannabis emerges from prohibition, there are a handful of questions that canna newbies need to address. With that in mind, We put together a list of the most frequent questions asked.

An intriguing topic that is sure to come up while you are in a dispensary shop is the difference between the two types of cannabis and their effect.
Indica strains are known as the mind and body high. Produce tired feeling in users. Sativa can help stimulate a user who smokes the flower, on the other hand.
The scent or aroma difference between the two varieties is noticeable.
But it’s a general rule of thumb than a straightforward scientific guide.
Sativa plants have a floral and fruity aroma to them in contrast to their indica counterparts. Also, the indica strains have a fresh or earthly scent to them.
A counterexample of both is easy to find with the heavy indica Khalifa Kush causing fruity flavours. The buzzy Sativa, Critique, performs a very fresh feeling for its 

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